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Lazy update!

By • Jun 15th, 2016 • Category: General

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve updated this blog, so here we go. Things have been a bit busy in Savage Henry Films land…but this week I finally have a bit of a breather. SUPER MARSHA has nearly completed principal photography, and we have submitted a cut to the Austin Film Society to hopefully […]

Hank & Honey: A Holiday Horror

By • Dec 21st, 2015 • Category: General

Hank & Honey: A Holiday Horror from Savage Henry Films on Vimeo. Hot off the presses is Hank & Honey, a holiday horror short that I wanted to deliver for all of my friends in time for Christmas. Watch it if you dare! Starring: Travis Dunn Brian Watson Kristen Lindner Polly Belchek Written, Directed, Shot […]

Tourists poster!

By • Apr 15th, 2015 • Category: General

Poster for “Tourist’s” hot off the presses. Thanks to designer┬áSean McAllister for his great work.  

“Tourists” production wrapped!

By • Nov 20th, 2014 • Category: General

Check out some on-set pics from the Savage Henry Films produced “Tourists”. The film stars Joe Grisaffi and Guil Fisher as a pair of hapless detectives, and Neal Gage as the police officer who ruins their day. “Tourists” now goes into the post production phase, from which I’ll post screencaps as I get them. Thanks […]

“Sing-Song” available now!

By • May 20th, 2014 • Category: General

Check out a cool little short film I shot last year: Kathryn Kane’s “Sing-Song”. Great performances by the two leads, Gaby and Madison who will go on to big things in their acting careers.

Frame grabs from the short film Where Do We Go?

By • Apr 10th, 2014 • Category: General

Here’s a few stills from the upcoming short Where Do We Go? Which I shot for director Tynan Hansen. Do note, these stills do not have final color correction applied. Where still in first light/rough cut territory.

Anamorphic frame grabs…

By • Apr 6th, 2014 • Category: General

…from Alberto Martinez’s upcoming short film “Next Exit”. These are with a quick one light color correct, so that will be refined later on in post.

Another anamorphic shoot!

By • Mar 4th, 2014 • Category: General

Happy to be back on set with my Lomo anamorphics! Shooting the short film “Next Exit” for director Alberto Martinez. Once this film is finished, you are in for an interesting cinematic experience!

“Sing-Song” clip

By • Oct 12th, 2013 • Category: General

“Sing-Song” clip from rob neilson on Vimeo. Here is a clip from the upcoming short film “Sing-Song” by Kathryn Kane. The film has been finished, and will hopefully have a long festival life!

Gilliams’s “The Wholly Family”

By • Jan 5th, 2013 • Category: General

BlizzardKid Shorts Award 2012 – The Wholly Family from BlizzardKid on Vimeo. Award winning new short from Terry Gilliam, and shot by my favorite one-eyed DP Nicola Pecorrini!