Services & Gear

Rob, through his company Savage Henry Films; can offer you full services for all of your production needs. Whether you need a broadcast commercial to advertise your business shepherded from pre-to-post production, or are looking for a director of photography to shoot your narrative film. Savage Henry Films is dedicated to delivering the highest quality visual content!

Gear is for rent, or hire. Rates are negotiable depending on the scope of the project.

Blackmagic URSA 4k PL
Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6k PL

Sony Cinealta PL set 20, 25, 35, 50, 85. 135
RED 18-50 PL
Tokina 11-16 PL
Lomo Anamorphic Primes in PL mount 50, 75mm
Wooden Camera PL to MFT

Camera Accessories
Bright Tangerine Strummer 3 stage mattebox 19mm or 15mm
Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom clip on mattebox
TV Logic 5.6 SDI/HDMI monitors (2) with Zacuto arm
15″ directors monitor
Blackmagic EVF
O’Connor CFF1 follow focus
O’Connor O-Grips handgrips
Assorted 4×5.6 filters

Sachtler Video 18 (100mm) with two stage sticks
O’Connor 50 w two stage sticks
Dana Dolly with 4′ or 6′ speed rail and stands
Seven 7′ Jib Arm w underslung bracket and Kessler hot pod on dolly wheels
Doorway Dolly w rubber wheels or hot buttons

Schoeps CMIT Shotgun mic
Sennheiser Lavalier Set (2x)
Roland R26 recorder
Sound Devices 2 channel mixer

Lighting and Grip
DN Labs 1.2W HMI Par
2K Mole LED Fresnel (5600k)
4x Mole 1k
2x Arri 650w
2x Mole 600w
1x Mole Inkie
1x Alzo HMI
Kino Flo: Diva 401 (2), Select 4×4 (1), Tegra 4×4 (1)
2x 5600K LED Bi-focus 1×1
1x Bi-color 1×1 LED
500w lantern lock 3200/5600
Kino car kit, and Rosco litepads
4×4 silk/floppies
6×6 silk/ultrabounce