Super Marsha: Work in Progress

By • Feb 25th, 2016 • Category: General

Super Marsha: work in progress from Savage Henry Films on Vimeo.

Password: supermarsha

In the past few months, Savage Henry Films has been shooting a short documentary on an 80 year old Houston-based triathlete: Marsha Smith. During last years Ironman 70.3 race, she placed first in the country & world for her time in the Ironman 80+ age group.

We’ve been shooting with a minuscule crew, with a variety of lens formats on the Blackmagic URSA. Going into the shoot I had thought that in no way was this camera suited for documentary shooting….but it’s performed nicely, and been fairly smooth to work with despite not having a camera assistant on our shoots. I had originally planed to shoot with the more doc friendly C-300, but having the extra dynamic range and frame rates has been a boon.

Right now we’re a few months away from the event that will serve as the climax to our film: The Ironman 70.3, which is taking place in Galveston Texas. We will follow Marsha as she steps up her training to prepare for the race, an to defend her title.

Marsha has been so generous with her time, and our intrusion into her private life…so I wanted to put up a little sneak peak for anyone interested to see. Enjoy.

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