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Toasted from Savage Henry Films on Vimeo.

UPDATE 7-6-15
It looks like we were lucky enough to win the Tentsquare contest! I’ll be headed to Montreal, and hopefully get to see it on the big screen! Thanks all who viewed/voted and a special thanks to Tentsquare for making it all happen!


This past weekend we shot a little :30 contest bumper out in Savage Henry land. If you like what you see please go here and vote for us!

They are using some sort of voodoo-like algorithm to rate “member enjoyment” so by giving us a like, favorite, or a comment will increase our chances to get to the next round…and possibly win a trip to the Fantasia Film Festival. We have until July 2nd to get some views, likes, and comments before they take the top 15 entries to send to the next round of judging. So vote early, and vote often!

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