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Conan reluctantly reviews Hitman 5

By • Nov 30th, 2012 • Category: General

Just leave it to Conan to create the best video game video review series, without even trying. I give this review a taupe rating for “most excellent”.

Vantage One T1 primes!

By • Nov 28th, 2012 • Category: General

The “guys from Hawk” have made a full set of close focusing spherical primes that are T1 wide open with 85% light transmission at that aperture. They even make a set without a reflective coating if you want to shoot some flare porn. Amazing! Pair a set of these with the latest cameras weighing in […]

Lomo 75mm roundfront for sale

By • Nov 26th, 2012 • Category: General

I’ve got a 75mm Lomo Roundfront up for grabs in OCT-19 mount. It was manufactured in 1982, and the focus and aperture rings are smooth, and the glass very nice. There is some dust inside the lens, which is not unusual for something of its age. Also there are some cosmetic markings on the barrel […]

Wharton location scout

By • Nov 24th, 2012 • Category: General

Location Scout from rob neilson on Vimeo. Took a ride down south a bit today to scout some locations for a prospective film. There were quite a few amazing spots that we didn’t film at as well. Can’t wait to go shoot down there!

Happy Thanksgiving from William S Burroughs

By • Nov 22nd, 2012 • Category: General

Someone give this kid a scholarship!

By • Nov 20th, 2012 • Category: General

Awesome story of a young maker from Sierra Leone.

This is how we do….

By • Nov 18th, 2012 • Category: General

It’s just a ride….

By • Nov 13th, 2012 • Category: General

Normally auto-tune offends the hell out of me. But auto-tune Bill Hicks and George Carlin and you get a pass.

Lunchables, now with street cred.

By • Nov 7th, 2012 • Category: General

Check out this awesome “banned” lunchables commercial from the “90’s”.

The amazing morphing campaign money map!

By • Nov 5th, 2012 • Category: General

The Amazing Morphing Campaign Money Map from NPR on Vimeo. Kinda crazy….maybe its time that we put some limit on the amount of money on campaigns?