April 15th, 2015

Tourists poster!


Poster for “Tourist’s” hot off the presses. Thanks to designer Sean McAllister for his great work.


March 16th, 2015

Tourists – available for a limited time!

Tourists from Savage Henry Films on Vimeo.

My latest short “Tourists”, written by Angel Luis Colon, starring Joe Grissafi, Guil Fisher, and Neal Gage is nearing completion. This version is without the final sound mix, so expect some changes in the near future.

BTW this short is NSFW! If you like what you see, check out the author: Angel Luis Colon’s blog.

Also, feel free to comment on the film over at Aint it Cool New’s Saturday Shorts Column.


January 30th, 2015

Grand Parkway Smiles

Grand Parkway Smiles from Savage Henry Films on Vimeo.

Here is a video that I Produced, shot, and edited for Grand Parkway Smiles in Richmond Texas. If you’re in the Katy/Richmond area, and need a dentist…Dr. Dave is the way to go.

Book an appointment at Grand Parkway Smiles.

January 10th, 2015

West Texas magic hour…

Just returned from shooting for Paradigm SRP & Cut to Create…nothing is better than magic hour in West Texas.

November 20th, 2014

“Tourists” production wrapped!

Check out some on-set pics from the Savage Henry Films produced “Tourists”. The film stars Joe Grisaffi and Guil Fisher as a pair of hapless detectives, and Neal Gage as the police officer who ruins their day.

“Tourists” now goes into the post production phase, from which I’ll post screencaps as I get them.

Thanks to all the cast and crew for their hard work.

November 13th, 2014

The Mister, funded!

Residents of hot climates, check out The Mister Kickstarter while you still can. It’s yet another successfully funded campaign that I shot for Cut to Create.

November 8th, 2014

Lazy internet skills

It’s been forever since I have updated this blog, but not for lack of action! Been busy shooting a host of projects for Virtuix Omni, Lapolla, NFL/ESPN, and lately SHANY cosmetics. The latter I was able to break out my much too seldom used Lomo anamorphics! I’ll have some footage of various projects uploading in the coming weeks!

July 18th, 2014

VICE Sports: T-Mac’s comeback

Here’s a short doc piece I shot for VICE with Tracy McGrady awhile back. I saw he retired from baseball yesterday, would love for us to go back and do a recap. He looked great on the field when I was there…wish he had a bit more luck.

July 9th, 2014

On set at Joes Crab Shack

You can have a good time at Galveston, without setting foot on the beach.

May 22nd, 2014

Still selects from Romano’s Macaroni Grill spots

Here are some still frames from two recently completed 15s spots (which I shot, edited, and color corrected) for Romano’s Macaroni Grill & Norton Creative, which will play in limited markets.

Shot with Lomo sphericals.